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Filtration System:

Below is an illustrated diagram and explanation of how the Aqua Logic filtration system functions. At the bottom of the page you will find photos of the filtration system.

Water enters the system as it spills out of a discharge pipe on one end of the tank. Oxygenated filtered water passes through 4 to 6 compartments of fish (depending on your model) and is then pulled into 4 to 8 filter cells (again depending on your model) by the water pump. As the water passes through the floss primary filter surrounding the filter cell, solid particulate matter (fish feces) is collected.

Water that is cleansed of this particulate matter but still laden with toxic ammonia (a by-product of fish respiration) then enters the interior of the filter cell. As the water passes through bio media colonized by bacteria, biological filtration takes place and toxic ammonia is consumed and eliminated by this process.

The clean water then goes through the pump and a portion is pushed back into the water return pipe. The other portion is pushed through a venturi, which aerates water by sucking air into it, and across the refrigeration coils where the water is chilled. This cycle repeats itself approximately 12 times per hour.


Activated carbon and/or zeolite may be used in place or in conjunction with bio media until bacterial colonies become established. These products provide filtration of the water removing harmful by-products of fish metabolism.

Side View of 4 Cell Filtration System

(photo taken without filters installed)

Top View of 4 Cell Filtration System

(photo taken without filters installed)

Top View of 8 Cell Filtration System

(photo taken without filters installed)

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